SMSC resources

Christianity in India


World Christianity

Suitable for Key Stage 3 and 4

A reflective activity to introduce students to an aspect of world Christianity, in this case Christianity in India.

This activity first appeared on the REEP website and is used with permission. 

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Amazing Animals Workshop


Aims: To familiarise children with animal study as being part of science. To introduce classification/grouping of animals. To build confidence in handling animals. To encourage awe and wonder as part of spiritual development.

Year group relevance: Reception to Year 6. Particularly good for KS1.

Educational Objectives: Science - Classification, SMSC - Animal welfare, Self-confidence, Spirituality – Awe and wonder.

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One person can make a difference

The Stones Memorial at the Beth Shalom Centre, UK


An outline lesson plan for citizenship Suitable for Key Stage 3

To consider the idea that ‘One Person Can Make a Difference’, even in the face of terrible events. 27th January Holocaust Memorial Day provides a focus to remember the horror of the Holocaust and aims to highlight its continuing relevance to us all.

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Jesus in Art


Art, RE and reflection

Suitable for Key Stage 3

We look at 2 very different works of art and the passages from The Bible that can be linked with their theme:

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Pupil led collective worship


For teachers, an interesting article that encourages pupil led collective worship, with a useful Collective Worship planning document

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What price peace


A resource for Key Stage 1

Stories and activities from Barnabas to help younger pupils think about the First World War

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